Why do I want to blog?

Why do I want to blog?

Initially (back in 2009) it seemed like a good idea. Then I lost my way. Thinking about restarting the My 100 Goals blog requires I ask this question.

Fact is, I miss blogging. I find writing to be therapeutic. I feel better when I write my thoughts down. If I’m not writing, I get cranky.

But I can write in private. Why write in public?

Well, my life goal has always been to become a writer. I’ve been a writer my entire adult life, but blogging has helped focus my attention on the underlying desire – to have people read my stories, to make money from my writing.

I made no money from my initial blog, but am wondering about including advertising on this new platform.

But I don’t want my entire focus to be on making money…

I want to blog for Jesus. For this blog to be part of living for Jesus. Back in 2009 I wrote down my thirty first goal as: “To be and do all that God wants of me”

A web blog is an opportunity to hold myself publically accountable to that standard. Am I being and doing all that God wants of me?

Also, I want to encourage you to complete your goals. I’ve never been entirely comfortable with the “My” 100 Goals… I tried this tag line for a while: My 100 Goals, Your 100 Goals – Together we can make a difference.

I want this blog to be more outward looking, while still having 100 goals as a focus, use that to encourage you to go on to achieve your goals. To discover your purpose in life.

So, what will this blog be about?

  1. I will use it to be and do all that God wants of me.
  2. I will use this blog to encourage others to achieve their goals.
  3. This blog will be used to help others find their purpose and calling in life.
  4. I will use this blog to sell my books and to make money.
  5. I will also use this blog to help others through book reviews and sharing what others are doing.

If you think I’ve missed out something important or am on completely the wrong track – let me know!

2 thoughts on “Why do I want to blog?”

  1. Hi Mark, I think your heart is in the right place. I have also only started blogging seriously and feel the same as you. I have had the writing ‘bug’ for a long time until last year when someone spoke a prophetic word over me about writing.
    I am currently writing a blog about dreams and feel is in line with your goals. I am very excited about it hope you get to read it.
    Go for it!

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