Flash Fiction: The Day After

Someone kicked him awake. Barely. He opened one bleary eye and saw the TV displaying static.
‘Who did you vote for? Yesterday. Who?’
He looked over at his wife who was peering out through the curtains, knocking over a beer bottle as he turned.
‘What’s wrong with the TV?’ He asked.
‘It’s dead. Radio, Internet, nothing’s working. Who did you vote for?’
‘What’s that gotta do… What are you doing?’
She didn’t answer, just kept staring out the window.
Finally, he got up and walked over, pulled at the curtain.
‘No!’ She grabbed the material out of his grip and pulled the curtain back.
‘What’s got into you?’ He was starting to get annoyed now. He took a firm hold of the curtain and pulled it wide open, glaring at his wife.
She stepped back, into the shadows.
He shook his head and turned to look out, then stumbled back, nausea threatening to overwhelm him. A buzzing filled his senses and from a distance he heard his wife ask one more time: ‘Yesterday, who did you vote for?’

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