A professional barcode for your book

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I was unsure whether to just leave an old email address in the manuscript when ordering a new print run of The Great Scottish Land Grab. I called the printer today and they advised they could also send a PDF proof which has prevented any delay, otherwise I was potentially looking at a full week to order a new proof copy.

I’d pretty much decided that I needed to change the email address, so this morning I did that, corrected another issue I found in the manuscript and then had a last look at the cover. I wasn’t happy with the back page.

I’ve created my own bar code and it dominates the initial draft. I’d also decided to add my author photo as I’ve seen that done and it just didn’t line up in any way with the text or barcode.

So, I had another look at some traditionally published books and decided to have a go at creating my own publisher barcode.

I added my website URL, put on the website of the graphic designer who designed the book cover the first time round and also credited my wife for her photo of me. Set it all up so everything lined up, shrunk down the barcode to a more reasonable size and the finished version is below.

I really like it. Hopefully a much more professional look to the back page. What do you think?

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