Changing my focus

I planned to use the time off I have this summer to write the first draft of the sequel to Fallen Warriors. It hasn’t gone well, at least as far as writing goes.

In theory, if I wrote 5,000 words a day, I could finish the first 100,000 word draft by the end of August. I still don’t know if I can do that.

I had a look at the numbers today as I set out to spend the whole day writing. Maybe 3,000 words a day is a more realistic target. That would have me writing until September 17th. (This is assuming I only write five days a week.) I won’t know unless I try. And if I try, I’m fairly sure – based on experience – that I’ll be further towards my goal than if I don’t try. Giving up is the surest way to ensure you don’t succeed at anything.

I don’t want to give up.

I also don’t want to bore you with numbers on a daily basis. This word count completed, that target reached. I doubt anyone really cares. But, this is a blog. A web log about something and I need my focus for the next month to be on finishing my novel. I committed to writing 100 words a day on this blog until the 29th August. So, I think I need to focus both this blog and the rest of my time towards my goal of completing a first draft of my novel.

I know I’ve a growing number of readers out there who want to know what happens next. I’m going to try not to keep you waiting any longer than I have to…

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