What a year!

Work became my focus for almost all of the last year. Back to back contracts requiring most of my energy and leaving little time for writing and almost none for marketing and promotion. I did attend the Dundee book fair (picture below) and also several other fairs in the lead up to Christmas. Some were more successful than others, and overall I was really pleased with the response.

Photo of Mark Anderson Smith at Dundee Book Fair

They say that a blog needs regular updates otherwise people lose interest, well, I wouldn’t blame you if you had stopped checking.

My situation has changed though and I’ll share about that later. For now, I’m conscious that this blog and website needs a fairly major overhaul.

The last few days I’ve missed calls from an unknown number. They eventually got through to me this morning and I had a good chat with a guy from a hosting provider I use. Once we covered the reason for his call (and the other attempts) he pointed out that my website was showing as “Not secure” in the address bar. I had been aware of this, but updating the website had been so far down my list of priorities that I hadn’t even made a note to look into what it meant.

He explained that most web browsers now look for a security certificate on the website that allows the browser and website to communicate securely. I’ve known about the padlock symbol on Firefox for some time, but Chrome in particular is now using plain text which makes it stand out more.

Dragon Lake isn’t yet selling through the website, but my new friend pointed out that users are less likely to use a website that is unsecure, and I certainly do have a sign-up form for my mailing list. So, I’ve decided to bump up securing my website and figured I might at least get some capital from it, so I can share what I find out along the way.

I’ll be sharing some news with those who’ve signed up to my newsletter this week and later on through this blog. If you want to among be the first to hear, sign up to my newsletter now!

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