The High Pamirs of Central Asia hold a deadly secret: a devastating landslide in 1911 blocked off the Murghab River which filled the valley forming Dragon Lake. A trillion tons of water are now held back by the earth and rubble dam, which could be dislodged by any of the frequent earthquakes that plague the region, threatening the many villages and towns that line the valleys of Tajikistan.

When writer Mark Anderson Smith first visited Tajikistan in 1997, he became captivated by the story of how the dam formed and the mystery surrounding the lake. His short story: Dragon Lake was inspired by his experiences of his time in Tajikistan and is available for free to everyone who signs up to Mark’s mailing list.

Mark’s two novels: Fallen Warriors and The Great Scottish Land Grab are set closer to his home in the UK.

Christian thriller: Fallen Warriors was released in 2017, initially as an ebook and series of short episodes, then in paperback. With over 25 five star ratings on Goodreads, readers are saying the novel is gripping and scarily real.

An inspiring tale of nation building, Mark’s first novel: The Great Scottish Land Grab has been re-released in paperback in 2017.

All Mark’s novels are available to order through your local bookshop and also available as ebooks online.

Mark accepted a challenge several years ago to set himself 100 goals. He blogs about this on this website and recently completed a challenge to write and publish 100 posts, of at least 100 words, in 100 days. To date he still hasn’t stood on a new planet or learned to fly, but insists there is still time…