Acts of Random Kindness

Evan Almighty is now available on Netflix! (In the UK at least)

Can I admit this is one of my favourite family movies?

We watched it again, for the fourth or fifth time, last week. It has classic slapstick comedy, Steve Carell at his best as the neat-freak who is forced to walk, talk and even eat with the animals: Giraffes, Alpacas, and of course… Sheeeeep!

But what gets me every time is the Acts of Random Kindness message layered into the movie.

I don’t think God does random, but then I don’t believe that God forces us either. From our perspective life can seem random at times. Events happening outwith our control, accidents or situations arising that we’d rather have avoided.

I choose to believe that God does have a plan, that our father in heaven cares deeply about our lives. If we listen to God, then we’ll find he directs us. It might be subtle, may at times be overt. I don’t believe God directs us like puppets, or causes war or suffering. No, we’re arrogant and greedy and selfish enough to do all that ourselves.

Somehow though, God knows what we’re going to do, before we do it. Whether he is just outside time and so sees the whole picture, or something equally difficult for me to understand, I guess doesn’t really matter. I get a sense sometimes, that if I were to act, that would be appropriate. If I do, usually, I’m glad I did. If I don’t, often I have a feeling of regret that I’ve missed out on an opportunity.

And perhaps we could expand on the A.R.K. acronym to include a few more acts that we could randomly do:

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control…

Or maybe not so randomly?

Paul wrote to the Galatians that these things were the fruit of the Spirit.

I link this back to Jesus teaching on the vine and the branches. If we remain in Jesus and he remains in us, we will bear much fruit.

It is quite a challenge. But also a promise. And of course an opportunity…

What do you think of Evan Almighty?