Dragon Lake Events – Murder, Mystery and More…

Cumbernauld Library meet the author

I’ve added an Events page to the website to have one place to promote upcoming events and list any media from previous events. You can just click on the Events option from the above menu.

The big news is of course that Wendy H Jones and Caroline Johnston will be joining me at Cumbernauld Library on 16th September 2017 from 2 till 4 pm for a Meet The Author event. We’re titling the event: Murder, Mystery and More… and it looks to be a fun afternoon.

We’ll have readings from our latest novels: the latest in Wendy’s Crime series – Killer’s Crypt; Caroline’s young adult novel – What If?; and my Christian thriller – Fallen Warriors.

Also, I’ve added links on the Events page to radio interviews I’ve done in recent years along with recordings when I’ve been teaching at my local church.

Out of my comfort zone

Book reviews… I became obsessed with getting as many as I could back at the beginning of the year, hoping I could maybe reach 1,000 for Fallen Warriors. At the same time I’ve realised that I should make an effort to review the books I’m reading and take more of an active part in the community that blogs about books generally.

This summer I’ve arranged to be part of a Meet The Author event at Cumbernauld Library on 16th September 2017, from 2-4 pm. With me will be Wendy H. Jones, winner of Books Go Social Book of the Year 2017 and author of the DI Shona McKenzie crime series and The Daggers Curse, a young adult novel; and Caroline Johnston, author of What If? a young adult novel.

We’ll be interviewing each other as part of the event and so I am reading both Wendy and Caroline’s latest novels in preparation for the event. I’m planning to review both books this summer.

Also, I’ve just finished reading Lydia’s Song, a novel by Katherine Blessan and will be posting my review of this tomorrow.

I have to say, these are not novels I would normally have chosen to read and I’m finding myself out of my comfort zone with genres I’m not familiar with, yet the stories are hooking me in and delivering an emotional punch that is the hall mark of a good story for me.

Tune in tomorrow for my review of Lydia’s Song…