The Great Scottish Land Grab

Image of paperback The Great Scottish Land Grab

The Great Scottish Land Grab

The story of how Scotland became independent…

Robert Castle is fighting to save the UK Union when an incident while walking in the Scottish Highlands turns his life upside down.

A search for justice leads Robert to look deep into Scotland’s history and what he finds will change not just his life, but the direction of a nation.

Sensing that the theft of Scotland’s land over many centuries has robbed the people of their opportunity to be independent, Castle fights for a modern day land grab – to reverse the clearances that stole Scotland’s land from the people.

Challenging an out of touch parliament, Robert turns government on its head by introducing Cafe Politics – a way for communities to debate and agree their own policies.

But how far will Robert go in his determination to overturn the injustice of the Highland Clearances and will he lead Scotland to a better future or into civil war?

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