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I’ve had two different author business cards over the last few years and haven’t been happy with either of them.

I didn’t like the cover image for book one of The Great Scottish Land Grab on the first one and replaced it with the cover I had designed for the full novel.

The second business card looked great, but the text on the back was confusing and didn’t tell people how to buy the book.

I’ve wanted to design a new card that I could use for both Fallen Warriors and The Great Scottish Land Grab.

This is my current draft, Front:


Thanks to Mark at for the template I used for the book mock ups!

I’d appreciate any feedback on the designs.

[Update] After just a couple of discussions I’m now wondering if I’m trying to do too much with this card. A business card is normally used to share contact details, but I hope/intend to use this as a marketing/advertising tool, to give out to people I meet who may be interested in reading my novels, not getting in contact…

So, should I include an email address, a phone number even? Or just focus on where people can buy the books?

2 thoughts on “An author business card”

  1. Very elegant, Mark. The front is stunning. The copy on the back is weak. Think what the recipient will get out of meeting you / taking your card / following up on the contact. Tease them into following up. The font is too much like a craft shop for me, too. I haven’t read your Scottish Land Grab but I know Fallen Warriors is gritty – choose a font that conveys your todayness.

    1. Thanks Bobbie! Yeah, I don’t like the copy on the back, one of the reasons for sharing this post as I’ve been struggling with that, but probably also not taking enough time to try different options.

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